Payment Methods

BASL offers a few different methods of paying to play on a team.

First, you can pay for each individual team.  Online payment by credit card are made via the registration buttons and can be found on the basl home page, or in the "Player Payment Registration" article.  Please note that payments at the field are not accepted.

Second, you can sign up for one of our 12 Month consecutive payment plans.  You pay one monthly fee over a minimum of 12 consecutive months to play on multiple teams.  See the "BASL Player Payment Plans" article.

Third, in some divisions, you might have an entire team payment, or you might have a team bond or fine to pay.  Then go to the special payments article.   Single payment by cash or check for multiple players on a team’s roster can be arranged at least 1 week in advance of a season start.

Player Refund Policy:  

BASL will only refund registrations up until a game by any team in your division has been played, after that game, there are no player refunds for teams in that division! 

To request a refund click here.
Refunds are subject to a 3.5% administrative service charge.