BASL Over 25 Specific Rules 8-27-2016
To be combined with the BASL General Rules & 7v7 Rules
  • A player must turn 25 by the end of the current calendar year. (For Winter season it is the next year ie. Season starts Dec 2016, you are eligible to play if you turn 25 in 2017
  • Each team shall supply a copy of a player’s ID for our files and to validate age.
  • Team Captain’s are responsible for providing photocopies of proper ID showing the player’s age.   Any game that is played with a player that is ineligiblewill be a forfeit.  Documentation of players ages can be submitted to the league anytime.  However results will not count until all players on a team have been verified and the league has a photocopy.  If any captains wants to challenge a players age he is to notify the other captain and the field marshall.  The league will then investigate during the week not during the game! If the player was ineligible than the game will be a forfeit.
  • 6v6 Indoor Rules also apply for O25 indoor divisions.
  • 7v7 Rules also apply for outdoor divisions.
  • BASL general rules apply also.

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